Honoring The Invisible Women

There is no better time than this time, to remember the feminine in all of women, the feminine indigenous connection, and our feminine Earth Mother. All women are worth the honor to be remembered.

Each woman comes with her own value, her own unique beauty, her own intuitive, her own intelligence, and her own offerings. Each one is an important part of the whole.

Today is International Women’s Day, a day that is supposed to celebrate all women. Yet, not everyone is being celebrated. Some women are being left behind. Most especially, the indigenous feminine.

We cannot forget the indigenous women who hold the responsibility as the land keepers of their tribe. The indigenous women have every right to be here. They have every right to be honored, every right to be remembered, and every right to live a life that they own. The indigenous women hold space together for their survival.

I cannot help but refer back to what has happened at Standing Rock. I saw a photo of military cops arresting an elderly, peaceful Native American Indian woman, for protesting against the clean water for her tribe. Her stand for our Earth Mother was considered against the law. How outrageous is that! I also want to note that she is an elderly woman, and everyone who surrounds her are white, strong male, militant forces. A masculine, dominating force. It reminds me of the Nazi regime.

In recognizing International Women’s Day, let us pay attention to what happens to our indigenous women across the globe. Remember that women are never truly celebrated when indigenous women are being victimized over and over again. The recent attacks on our indigenous culture takes away from the celebration for women’s identity and her people. Again, they have been rubbed off their dignity and their freedom to exist as co-creators. Even as the feminine space holders for both men and women, the dark and masculine force has not fully honored them.

Indigenous women play a very important role in our society. Just as the Earth Mother is our cocoon, our shelter, and our home, so are the indigenous women of this world.  That is why they must be respected and celebrated.

I call upon this day to stand for the indigenous woman, and to stand for justice for all women. NO more abuse, no more rape, no more stealing our lands, no more destruction toward the indigenous women of our Earth Mother. I stand as a representation of the indigenous woman, and all women throughout our planet.

I say to all of us, we have to pave the way to our freedom, and the only way to do that is by speaking our truth. It is only when this massive transformation takes place that we can truly and fully celebrate International Women’s Day!

Peace and Liberation to All Women,

~Maya The Shaman