No Burnouts: Why Balance In Life Is Important

Hi, I am Maya The Shaman. For the last 10 years, I have been an active healer, shaman, coach, medicine woman, and an earth keeper.

I remember being so physically and mentally active in my early years. But running my boutique store in Ashland Oregon for 12 years during the mid 90s for 12 years resulted in my burnout. Having a very busy mind of things to do, I forgot to take the steps to equally nourish every part of my being. Forgetting to eat was major for me, as well as taking time to breaathe. I did not pay enough detailed attention to my body-mind connection.

As a creatress, a craftsy, artsy person and a store owner, who have had a really busy schedule, with several employees front and back, I was fully loaded.  I was a wearable art clothing and jewelry designer, and my store was built upon my own designs. Everything I created, I sold. My work was tagged as Maya’s Design, under my umbrella store, called Iris Blossom.

I created a high end line of sambo color-coordinated combo sets of garments. It included pants and skirts that matched with camisoles and jackets, with other dress and jacket combos, too.

The work I put into such creation was mind boggling for others to comprehend.They were all one of a kind wearable art. It was only my daughter and myself who painted the garments.

My process was a time-consuming one. I would construct the garments by pre-washing the fabric first, then ironing it and laying the fabric on my cutting table before cutting and stitching them. This was followed with hand painting the garment, then hot pressing to permanently seal the paint. Lastly, I’d iron and steam them so that they’d be ready for display on my store’s window mannequins. I remember literally running around every second to accomplish each task set out to do daily. It was fun.

I designed daily, and had a high standard for my store’s quality - its cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. I developed a strong clientele base that visited my store year after year, looking for my latest designs.

I was happy to know that my clients were happy and and loved the work I put out. My clients would come every summer to tell me that they planned their trip to specifically check out my work. They told me that they wore my handmade garments during special occasions during a professional lecture, cruises, weddings, or special events. They would even express how well made my garments were, how they believed my designs would last them a lifetime. The more compliments I received, the more I created, and the more I was inspired. That inspiration pushed me to produce at a more demanding level, and the harder I produced, the less time I had to nourish my body.

My store was doing well, but the work I put into it was over the top inconceivable for others to imagine. My clients would ask me all the time, “How can you be working at your store and creating all these beautiful, time-consuming garments, too?” They would forget to mention that I did custom tailoring, too.  I would laugh, and tell them that the answer was to work day and night. I would be up working until three in the morning, then run to my store for an entire day of appointments with my clients.  

I still think of myself as a superwoman, a workaholic, an ultra dynamic artist. But the business, the extraneous work and the long hours of running my store eventually caught up to me. I neglected to eat my meals, thinking I could continue working without much food. I felt the effects of not caring for my own body afterward. I remember when I collapsed on my store floor and was sent to the emergency room. I was very sick.

This happened 16 years ago. Today, I am able to listen to my body before my mind, so  not to run my body down to the ground when my mind tells me I can do it, especially without proper fuel or balance to tune back into my overall needs.

I’ve created some simple steps to share with you on how to avoid burnouts and imbalance in your life, especially if you are as an ultra dynamic artist, creator, builder or a mastermind leader. I hope it helps you create a healthier, more balanced and more productive life.


Maya The Shaman