I am Maya The Shaman, and it's an Honor to serve you.


Welcome! You are here for your deep dive consultation with Maya The Shaman. Please ask questions, share your brief healing needs and what you wish to accomplish. Together, we can clearly identify what approach is best for you. Because everything is energy, it is an $111 fee that can be used towards any of your sessions or packages. I invest my time and energy checking into your field, background and energy system. You will get an over the phone analysis with this call. Please fill out this questionaire. Looking forward to connecting with you. In love and light!





Welcome to your 30 minutes Session with Maya The Shaman!  This is a Lemurian Code Healing™ clearing and frequency upgrade. In this 30 minutes session, you can bring to the table your healings needs. You will receive a healing activation that allows you to be more fluid in detoxing and flushing out the old issues that you no longer need. Profound results after clearing-healing shows up to balance and harmonize your being. You are ready for your next amazing shift and healing upgrade. Congratulations!





Welcome to your 1 hour session with Maya The Shaman using the Lemurian Code Healing™ method. In this session, we will look at your body-mind-spirit connection. You can bring into this session any old unwanted issues, patterns or outmoded mindset that we can backtrack in relation to your physical and mental discomforts. This is an interactive session allowing you to take back control in your life. Once activated, your healing creates more space and new beginning that enhance and recharges your desired life. Here, you will learn to experience new sacred spaces inside of you and understand what your very own unique being has been asking of you to pay attention to resolve. Your inspiration to move forward to a healthy and positive state of being has begun. Congratulations!





Welcome! This 3 Hour VIP Session with Maya The Shaman, is a supercharged transformative healing activation, transmission and healing session using Lemurian Code Healing™ method. It’s best to use your 3 hours all in one day. But if your schedule does not permit this, you can also have a choice of breaking it up into 2 or 3 sessions. We will cover your urgent need to clear any issues in any level of your being, be it physical, mental, emotional, financial or spiritual. This healing method offers you to clear up any subconscious programming running through your emotional and mental bodies. Your cellular memories are then recharged. As a result this will bring in new energy, open new spaces in your body and inspire your mind to re-create. You will have the clarity of your purpose and harness these newly found good feelings and blessings you are now ready to receive in your life.



As we work together, new energy from within you emerges to enhance your newly found enthusiasm for life. Amazing healing results translates to creativity and good energy towards manifestation. At the end of your session, you will also bring home with you healing tools that helps you continue to realign and upgrade your true best self. Thank you for stopping by.

In Love and Light!

~ Maya The Shaman ~