We are in a time of planetary shift. 

In a place between darkness and light, our Earth Mother is purging. We, as humans, are a huge part of this monumental upgrade, and where we go depends on how much we are willing to heal.

Lemurian Code Healing bridges the gap between the duality within ourselves, and urges us to awaken and harmonize all the distorted energies we are experiencing. Your vibration has the power to add to the wholeness of this new upgrade, and the time to step forward is now. 

Lemurian Code Healing is a Full Spectrum Rainbow Activation that uses the ancient frequencies through the 8 Series of Signature Lemurian Codes


These sacred initiations permeates rainbow light codes into the human blueprint.  As a result, these powerful codes within the Lemurian Code Healing awakens one’s being to ones own unique spiritual signature essence. Once awakened, the codes align an ordinary human to his/her extra-ordinary speed calling and purpose in life. Lemurian Code Healing is a very necessary healing tool for human and planetary transformation.

The Lemurian Codes are very sacred codes and they have been waiting dormant for a very very long time to come into the hands of Maya The Shaman. Maya was chosen for this assignment. Maya The Shaman has been asked if she will accept this sacred duty, and she did. A sacred contract between Maya The Shaman and the Lemurian Council of Light has been established. Lemurian Code was meant to be shared. It is not meant to be stagnant. Maya The Shaman will speak in behalf of the Lemurian Council of Light.

What sets Lemurian Code Healing apart

from all the other modalities?

Lemurian Code Healing bridges one to the world of Lemuria. In other words, if you choose to, it bridges you to the time before the darkness. No other healing modality has been able to do it quite like this. It bridges the magic of Lemuria or Mu by bringing it into your body, into your resonance, into your quantum sphere. And in doing so, it activates you, the earth, and those around you.

From wars, chaos, and through the period of darkness from which humanity has experienced destruction of our planet’s human life, nature and rainforests, Lemurian Code Healing connects one back to the pristine multi-dimensional sacred frequency of our Earth Mother. Back to the time when Mother Mu was impregnated with the ‘Sacred Magic of Lemuria the Great’. Those who connect with the Lemurian Code grid will help re-create the new Lemurian Code vibration and energetic field on our Earth Mother.

This human blueprint has been distorted throughout many eons of lifetimes caused by endless human exposure to the fears of subconscious ancient galactic wars (which is not known amongst all humans), human wars, earth changes, survival-shock and traumas, pain and suffering, disease or through competitive conditioned tendencies caused by negative energies. Throughout the ages, our Earth Mother and her inhabitants have been conquered to slave humans with brutality, greed and power hungry conquerors. This comes in many forms. Imbalance shows up in how our planet is run. From socio-political-economic strata of life, this imbalance  affects all of us, consciously or unconsciously. The gap between the have and have nots have been growing. Weaknesses are held and stored in the human DNA, from fear, not having enough, etc. These dysfunctions in our world at large shows up when other parts of the world are depleted and have no access to human basic needs. The results are: distorted energy in the human body-mind-spirit, lost of connection to one-real-self, loss of connection to one's village community and ongoing disconnect with our Earth Mother. These had caused many problematic issues in the society and our world at large. Not knowing who one truly is and who to trust leads to confusion, aggressive tendencies and twisted behaviors. The human survival issues, competition and much much more becomes the social norm instead.


Lemurian Code Healing when applied in a practical way, reverses these DNA weaknesses and strengthens ones perspective to a new and better way of being and living. Awareness grows and the urgency for creating the change to bring balance back into harmony within the self takes place.

"Lemurian Code Healing awakens One’s Being to resonate back to one's own unique spiritual signature essence" ~Maya The Shaman

Lemurian Code Healing awakens one's unique relationship with the 'Great Divine Intelligence'. The sleeping BEING within oneself is awakened through the Lemurian Code Healing activations and transmissions. Each human being have a unique trademark coded within his or her unique offerings. Through Lemurian Code Healing, he and she goes through an overhaul in ones internal engine, creating a massive shift from within. As a result, the DNA of a human being gets rearranged to wholeness. Through Lemurian Code Healing, a brand new understanding emerges. A unique way of being emerges. This dynamic shift allows one to co-create with others in many unlimited diverse and positive ways in service of ones true nature connected with ones dharma, purpose. 

How can Lemurian Code Healing help create the RAINBOW WARRIORS? These powerful codes transmutes the human limitations and dysfunctions in ones life and the society at large. Lemurian Code Healing creates a new human, whom I also call the ‘Rainbow Warriors’. Rainbow Warriors defines ones roles in life. And from this definition, one gets to serve humanity in its highest and best way. For example, if one is naturally a warrior, one becomes more of himself/herself as a warrior, and the virtue of courage profoundly strengthen within the self gets activated. Another example is that since men is primarily the carrier of the masculine energy, once aware of his divine calling, unleash ones masculine power as a sacred warrior to be of service to humanity as his calling. The recognition that men is a primary carrier of this masculine nature can serve his purpose well within a society. While a woman who also recognizes her feminine aspects as a woman becomes more feminine, thus serving her purpose within the society as a nurturer, and intuitive sacred holder of the love and light. In becoming more of thyself, both gender serves ones purpose and functions to enrich the society. Lemurian Code Healing access to balance this masculine and feminine nature within ones being. It allows the yin and yang to be in harmony within oneself. As a result, the duality of internal conflict is deleted, and thus opens up the space to recognize and respect ones strength, ones natural make-up and ones role in the society. 

"It's time to Create powerful results" ~Maya The Shaman

Knowing and loving One’s-Real-Self creates Freedom and Courage to Re-Create oneself and one’s environment. Healing oneself results in self respect, self appreciation, self understanding and self love. In addition, knowing of one’s desires and purpose in life, one builds a foundation of clear vision and mission integrated in one’s authentic make-up, resulting in harmony, peace and order.

Integrity and honesty becomes the norm. Cooperation to build a new, healthy and safe society within Earth Mother becomes the inspiration.

Through the understanding of the Lemurian Codes and Lemurian Code Healing, one gets to respect and honor oneself and others. One serves as a spiritual conduit to honor one’s greatest knowing that the “I am presence” is a miracle and a divine cosmic gift to be appreciated. The recognition that Earth Mother, its people, nature, plants and animals are all parts of the wholeness of the great 'Intelligence of Love and Light'. A new cosmic understanding builds further within the self towards understanding the creation of this great universe, knowing that each one is important. Therefore this deep understanding results in inspired action. It comes as a courage to protect, love and respect all Earth Mother’s rightful benevolent and innocent occupants. And a priority to safeguard our Earth Mother's sustainable placement in our galaxy becomes a priority. Lemurian Code Healing activates the movers and shakers in one's being to act fearlessly as warriors of the light with urgency.

Lemurian Code Healing

Opens up the doorway to your true Soul Tribe.

Lemurian Code Healing opens up one's connection to one's true spiritual soul tribe in a community or the world at large. A sense of natural responsibility for nurturing oneself and others leads to happiness. Happiness is then shared with others. In turn, this activates positive mindset and increased energy. As a result, one’s own natural beauty internally and externally is expressed and shows up as part of the creative manifestation of one's soul essence  that resonates with ones connection to a soul tribe. When inspiration occurs from feeling that one is a part of A WHOLE, seen in this context, one feels nurtured, seen, loved and cared for. This creates a pleasant ambiance of peace and harmony that supports the beauty of living life. The soul inspired spirited beings easily turns to creative expressions such as Arts, Crafts, Music, Multi-Media expressions, Innovative Creations, Scientific discoveries that in turn helps the world expand to a better place where others can live with ease. The presence and inspiration drawn from creative geniuses and social movers are assets to the society and our world. In a healthy society, their presence get appreciated and recognition as a natural way to show gratitude for efforts made o benefit the whole.

"Through Lemurian Code Healing, one’s sacred connection to the Self and One's Soul Tribe is established, making the ‘Lemurian Code Healing’ a very necessary healing tool for human and planetary Ascension." ~Maya The Shaman

"Through my lineage, I inherited my Shamanic Roots" 

~Maya The Shaman

Maya The Shaman work with me 2.jpg

I honor my Lemurian indigenous ancestral lineage who came before me:

"In respect and recognition, Authentic Shamanism stems from the Native culture, and is passed down through its Indigenous lineage, from one generation to the next as soul family, soul tribe way of life.  The original Healers on earth were Lemurians and are Lemurian Shamans."

~Maya The Shaman

With a universal outlook in life, Lemurian Shamans see beyond skin colors. This holds us altogether in oneness. Please take your moments now to explore the pages in this site. The ‘Lemurian Code Healing' maybe just for you! And if, and when you are ready to take back your very soul essence through Lemurian Shamanic journey, you are now ready to get re-initiated to your highest frequency as a Rainbow Light Holder or Warrior. Feel this calling and come back home! For I, Maya The Shaman, your guide, am here for you!

"I am here to acknowledge my Lemurian inheritance as your planetary guide, coach and healer at this very important time in our planetary shift."

~Maya The Shaman