Here's what they have to say...

Put simply and honestly, Maya cured my shingles. With the touch of her hand and, quite literally, God knows what else. It's no small feat. There's no treatment for shingles. Just powerful painkillers to ease the suffering, which is agonizing. Shingles is a mutant virus that comes back later in life to haunt and torture those of us who have had chickenpox when we were younger. It can attack the nerves in your body. In my case the nerves leading from my neck, down my arm, to my left hand. The pain of my first attack about six years ago had me writhing in agony, lasted for months, and even left me with permanent numbness in some of my fingers. Then it just recently struck again. This time attacking my right shoulder. For two weeks, the pain kept waking me through the night and had me barely able to move my right arm each morning. Then, by some compassionate act of kismet, I met Maya. Her healing was a gift. I will admit I was skeptical she could help me. She spent only about ten minutes with me, part of it gently touching the affected area, the rest of it in a trance-like state of meditation. Miraculously, and to my astonishment, I slept pain free that very night for the first time since the shingles reappeared. And the next morning, also for the first time, I was not in pain, and could move my right arm. Instead of the shingles getting worse, they magically got better instantly. I'm now a believer. In Maya. And what else? Well, you'll have to ask Maya that question.

Wayne Darwen, Writer & Hollywood Producer, Los Angeles, CA



"Maya is by far the most amazing healer I have come in contact with. Her understanding of the new technologies of DNA healing at advanced speed is breathtaking and hard to believe. Her spiritual understanding and universal knowledge about the human process of downloading and replacing DNA history is near Godlike work! I cannot explain how fast and permanently it changed my thinking forever to a more positive supercharged thought process in every field of my mind, soul and spirit. I highly recommend every person who wants to make an appointment with this very special light being to do so as soon as possible. You cannot afford not to see her."

Iain Mclean, Award Winning Commercial Director,

Owner of Graffiti Media Hollywood, CA




“My son Ananda broke the radial head bone just below his elbow. The doctor warned us that it probably would not be fixable, being a level 4 fracture. Maya went to work with her healing and the operation was a total success and the doctor was able to fix it."

Joseph Tokarz, Ashland, OR



"I was in a life threatening situation which is too personal to reveal. I did not see any possible way out of it until I met Maya. I knew I could trust Maya . I am happy to say the result is that I am safe, healthy and very much alive. Maya's ability to heal and protect is unlike anything I have seen or experienced before. Eternally grateful.

JL, Ashland, OR



"Maya is my savings grace! I get weekly healing/protection sessions with Maya and call her whenever I encounter emergencies, which are common, since I live in the middle of LA, with all the stress a big city has to offer. Today, I called her as soon as I was pulled over for a driving violation by 2 police men. One officer walked up and took all my info. I said to him: "I can't afford this on my driving record, I will lose my license". The officer said: "Good Luck", pointed his head to the other officer and said: ”He's tough, I would be impressed if you could get out of this!” The other officer was already busy writing my ticket. I called Maya “911” and told her my predicament, and asked if she could clear the ticket that was currently being written for me, and which would cost me my driver’s license, and I could not afford not being able to drive every day. I felt like I was having a heart attack. My heart was beating so fast, and I was sweating with anxiety. Maya called me back immediately and told me she had cleared the ticket for me. I got the courage to get out of the car and walk over to see my ticket which was fully written already with all my info on it. The officer looked up, and to my surprise said: “You know... I'm going to let you go this time, but it’s a serious matter!” He handed me back all my information, and sent me on my way with no ticket. I was clear and free! He even said: "Have a good day!!!" I was BLOWN AWAY. This is why I go to Maya time and time again! All I can say is, Maya's work is PRICELESS! Will save you time, money, and bring miracles. Thank you Maya."

Loren, Actress, Los Angeles, CA



"I experienced Maya to be a compassionate, nurturing, and a loving healer. She worked on me with a sense of deep focus, passion, and tenderness. Her healing left me feeling clean and clear, as if all the pieces of my puzzle were put back together again. Thank you Maya."

Dr. Danielle F,  Child Psychology, Portland, OR



“I’ve had two appointments and treatments with Maya Devi, and since seeing her my mood is better, life seems easier, and I feel like I've had an attitude adjustment with an underlying foundation of well being.  She has a warm, compassionate and engaging personality, and her active listening was healing in itself. I'm very appreciative of Maya Devi’s dedication to helping others get back to health and wholeness.” 

Lori A. Miller, Publisher, Asheville, NC



“Maya has been a great compassionate healer, she hears you out and answers your emails or calls as soon as she is able to. I've had an unusual stomach ailment for several years that doctors or other spiritual healers couldn't figure out or even cared to take the time to figure out, but so far with the three sessions I've had with her I've been noticing accelerated improvements with this issue and overall health. Maya is holistic in her healing practices, pinpointing traumas that could be causing the ailments, diet, nutrition, perspectives, belief systems,etc...she tackles them all. Definitely recommended.”

Jerry D., Riverside, CA



“I have just started working with Maya and I found her compassion, understanding of energy and healing to be a great asset to me during my journey.  I am grateful for gifts as I start to shed layers of my old self and step fully and holy into who I am am what I am here to do. Her work activated a confidence from deep within. I couldn't recommend her enough.”

Sharona, Los Angeles, CA



“Greetings and salutations! I am extremely Well and Happy today! All my physical pains have Disappeared! I am eternally grateful! My little finger especially was giving me grief from a sharp knock around four weeks ago.. My personal trainer was surprised at my renewed strength and motivation. I am determined to be healthy - physically and mentally. Great Work you did with my Healing session... You are absolutely amazing! Thank you Maya Devi, you are an Earth Angel for sure and very important in Helping raise awareness in humanity.”

Jeanette, Australia



“What can I say that hasn't been said in the other reviews.  Maya truly helped me gain some much needed clarity.  Not only do I notice a difference in my life but I can feel a difference since working with her.  True change can take some time but once you're clear to see where you were and where you are, you never want to go back to the way you were doing things.  Life has truly become a million times better because of a change in attitude that Maya helped bring into my life.  She is very caring and genuine woman.  So glad I had the opportunity to work with her.”

Ethan E., Los Angeles,CA