Maya The Shaman is a fourth generation shaman born in Los Banos, Laguna, Maharlika.

She is a Lemurian master healer, medicine woman. She is the creator of the Lemurian Code Healing™, and has been guided throughout her life by the powerful spirit of her Lemurian Ancestors and her Ascended Master, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.

She currently resides in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. 


Maya The Shaman and her family, 1980

Maya The Shaman and her family, 1980


I have always glided back and forth between duality and the spirit world...

I have traveled far into the depths of my spiritual journey to re-experience a contract I made in this lifetime.  Every step of the way, I carried my Spiritual Path and Purpose, and now I hope to share the precious  empowerment of Lemurian Code Healing™ with you.

I come from a family of healers, shamans and service-oriented family members. My father was a genius engineer and my mother, a teacher and a nurse. Both of my parents were very driven with the desire to serve others.

In the mystical province of Laguna, Maharlika, my grandfather, Rufino Verzonilla, was a well-known healer before World War II. Words of his gifts and talent for healing spread far and wide throughout Maharlika, and people would travel long distances to work with him. It was common for people to wait patiently in long lines, from sunrise to sunset, in order to receive his amazing healing. I became attracted to the metaphysics of the Healing Arts at a very young age, following in the footsteps of my Lemurian Ancestors.

My great great grandfather, Don Pedro, was one of the most magical, respected and powerful Shamans of his time. Outstanding stories of his powers to energetically shift and change his physical reality followed him. He was able to seal the openings in an entire house, where doors or windows disappeared and reappeared as he wished.

The story goes that one day, thieves came in his house. After they had stolen what they wanted, they found themselves struggling to find a way out. For days, these thieves searched for doors, windows, or any openings in the entire house. From severe exhaustion, hunger and confusion of not being able to find their way out, these thieves gave up, unable to comprehend what had just happened to their unknown reality. Doors and windows only re-appeared when Don Pedro showed up after three days of his time travel.

Don Pedro was a time traveler.  He was able to transform and transport himself from one locality to another, thousands of miles away, without using any man-made form of transportation. It was told that his power also allowed him to walk on waters, or transport himself in a bubble in a field of energy, where he went back and forth from Lemuria to America using only his Spirit Power. Don Pedro once said that he was the main Advisor to the Lemurian Council of Light.



Maya carries more than a decade of healing modality experience.

She is a Certified Advanced Theta Healer, Certified Reiki Healer, Certified Yoga Instructor, and a Meditation Practitioner for more than four decades in Los Angeles, California. She is also a multi-skilled business shaman, the first indigenous woman to establish a wearable arts business in Ashland, Oregon.

As Maya continued her journey in the healing realm, she began to remember and deepen her very own Shamanic Energetic Signature, thereby, creating her very own authentic healing programs that led her into her present, unique modality called: Lemurian Code Healing™.  

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