Still Standing for Standing Rock

For the longest and many times, I have tried to step away from being too involved in political issues. I know how it feels when others try to shut you down.

I remember a time during my college years in California -- I was the president of the Filipino club, where I rallied against the dying and starving children of Negros, Philippines. The natives had no land to plant their foods and the children were the first to starve to death, due to the existence of the multi-national corporation landowners of sugar cane plantations.

I put on a concert to educate the American people with what was happening in my country. My intention was to create awareness and to get people involved. I wanted to help solve the pressing issue of human starvation. I wanted to raise money to help the children.

The concert was attended by several hundreds of people. Mid-performance, the faculty insisted that I shut my project down. I refused, I didn’t budge. There was even a fight! I was in disbelief this was happening.

Nowadays, it is very easy for me to stay away from political controversy. As a healer, I see so much planetary turmoil everywhere, on a much larger scale, everyday. I keep on feeling these thoughts deep inside of me and I keep them silent. But this silence is now being broken.

The loud sound of the world ringing the same tune over and over again with destructive tendencies are no longer welcome. It is time for humanity to step up and shift this gear. And I will first have to stand for my own choice to participate, for now is that time.

In doing so, there is a recognition for an inevitable fight that goes on. This fight is for humanity to live on our Earth Mother’s surface as decent human beings. To allow the indigenous natives of this planet to continue their life mission on earth.

The Lakota Tribe of Standing Rock in North Dakota, in protection of clean water of this earth and its people, is one of the numerous examples of the many indigenous persecutions that the natives of this planet experience over and over again. And they continue to be shut down.

The indigenous natives are the original land keepers of this earth. They are here to care for their people in peace, they are here to stand for what it means to live with the great Spirit of creation, they are here to protect our Earth Mother’s clean environment, they were and are the first authentic  environmentalist of this planet.

For each person is born for a reason. Each person has the right to a space to claim their own native land on earth. And those who are visitors need to honor these natives.

If we humans treat each other with dignity, the way that each one of us deserves to be treated rightfully, we can allow humanity to grow in a constructive and positive way. This will be a pleasant way to feel safe on earth. To know that we all have a place and space to move forward as the awakening humans, and to truly know what it means to be the spiritual beings we owe ourselves to be -- that is our Dharma, that is our purpose.

Peace, Maya The Shaman   

Maya The Shaman