Earth Mother Planetary Shift

I remember a time when Lola Senyang, my grandmother from the Philippines had told me, as she was looking up into the sky, that a time will come when there would be an all around cleansing on our planet earth. And that time is now.

My name is Maya The Shaman, and I am part of the Lemurian bloodline. We have waited for so long to come to this very special moment of our lives, to be a witness to a shift, to be a part of such magnificent change in this golden age.

The cleansing that my grandmother was talking about was the purification that is so needed to take place on Earth Mother’s surface, and within her.

My grandmother talked about our Earth Mother as an alive, breathing Being with consciousness of her own kingdom. As she says, Earth Mother is alive and all humans are her children. Those who knew her, respected and cared for her and her wild nature.

Time and time again, Earth Mother had witnessed the destruction that had taken place on the surface of her body, both inner and outer. The seemingly endless toxins that are deposited on her grounds, water and skies are no longer acceptable. It made her very sick, and vomiting is one part of her natural way to eliminate the toxins. This vomit comes in many ways.

My grandmother always told me that in the process of our Earth Mother’s cleansing, there may be natural catastrophic flooding, tsunami, earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, or even the latest appearances of sinkholes lately, which means devastation to humanity. Unfortunately, even the most innocent people will be included in such disasters.

This may look horrific to the many who do not understand this planetary shift, but until our Earth Mother heals her top and inner surface, plenty of shifts will continue to take place.

My grandmother also talked about how the lands of Lemuria will come back up in the pacific. And isn’t this what is exactly showing up nowadays? This is our planetary shift. Change is imminent.

Our Earth Mother is in labor right now. And that is why cleansing is so much more a part of her timeline. Giving birth to her pure baby self means building a safe nest first in a clean environment to land her purest and cleanest natural state of being. In short, she is ready to enter the paradigm shift towards her own metamorphosis in giving birth to herself. As a matter of fact, she has already begun her process.

Knowing the female aspect of creation, let us not forget that a natural childbirth can be excruciatingly painful at times. And the labor of love can be painful.

What can we, as humans, do to help our Earth Mother and us shift to this next phase?

Here are some tips to help our Earth Mother’s Shift that includes us all:

  • Meditate for a peaceful Earth Mother shift. Learn meditation if you do not know how to.
  • Learn to heal yourself as our Earth Mother goes through her transition, for we are not separate from her, we all will go through this shift with our Mother. So healing oneself is a must.
  • Affirm towards a peaceful, easy and effortless transition for our Earth Mother to give birth to her new self.
  • Affirm for safety for all humans, animals and all living creatures that may be on the periphery where our Earth Mother needs to stretch and move her body during her labor.
  • Be a conscious thinker. Think green, think organic, think of becoming an environmental activist. We are all users of things, so think that less is more.
  • Use only the most basic, natural or organic products. Refrain from dumping more chemicals, poisons one uses as body soaps, shampoos, dishwashing soaps, laundry soaps, hair sprays, nail polish, toxic lotions, medications that pollute our Earth Mother. Use only the most organic and natural alternatives daily.
  • Recycle and reuse. Buy bulk foods, less plastic bags or plastic containers to use, or avoid using it if you cannot recycle, be a conscious user of things. Remember: everything becomes a garbage. Less garbage in your consumption helps.
  • Connect with green-minded people. Create a group that supports the cleansing of our Earth Mother. Be in charge of the change that is coming. Participate.
  • This change is coming and everyone of us, as Earth Mother’s human children, are not exempted to the task at hand. Be the co-creator that you are. Send love to our Earth Mother and to all the people of this planet to be safe during our Earth Mother’s shift. Learn to heal your own wounds and upgrade your energetic field, as you are important. Your positive healing energy contributes to the field of shift we are going into.

Our Earth Mother has to cleanse herself now, and we, as humans, are her children. We are being called to take responsibility for our actions and thoughts. My grandmother, Lola Senyang knows this.  The Native Lemurian Earthkeepers know this.  We all as Earth humans need to know this as a collective. A planetary shift is NOW and the code to this mass awakening is here. If you need further assistance, feel free to book a complimentary session.

With Love & Light, Maya the Shaman