The Lemurian Beings were the original indigenous brown to dark skinned colored people, who walked and lived upon the face of the earth for eons of time as earth keepers of our Earth Mother. They are more than Shamans and Healers.

The original first settlers to Lemuria were very advanced devoted core galactic star beings. They vibrate in a very high frequency. They come with a divine purpose, to have the children of Mu spread its wings into this entire planet as a conduit. The children of Mu are peace loving and emotionally intelligent spiritual beings.

Spirituality has nothing to do with religion, yet one can be an ignorant religious person and carry one’s spiritual signature as well.

The Lemurians were sent out on a Cosmic mission through a divine great plan to occupy this amazing blue planet. These great beings were in alignment with Earth Mother. For they know that Earth Mother is a living, breathing being and she is to be occupied with love, honor and respect. Together, they know their past, present and future as one team timeline.

These Lemurians are devotees of heavenly realm.

They are the planetary caregivers who dedicated themselves to become the Earth’s perfect vibrational match as the sacred heart space holders within humanity. They are the peaceful but brave heart warriors of the cosmos with sacred mission totally dialed-into Mu and Earth Mother.

The indigenous of the Philippines to Hawaii, to North-Central-South America such as Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, the rain forest of the Amazon in Brazil, and all the way to Europe such as the Laps, but not limited to these places. The native indigenous brown to dark people lived and flourished carrying their inherited energetic vibrations and signatures. But not load, for they became the target of brutality, harassment  and thievery. They were called the indigenous, indios, native indians and other names corresponding to all Earth natives.

The conquerors brutally wished and intended that they forget their root race and where they come from. So they destroyed their past, identity and artifacts through constant strategic wars and conquering of their native lands and its natives. The history and the story goes for systematic takeovers and total destruction of earth keepers with her Mother Earth altogether to create confusion, chaos, shock and traumas, making it easy to control their prey.

This is not going to be the case. Time has come for the spiritual rise of Lemuria carrying with her the ‘Lemurian Code Healing’ to awaken the sleeping giants of Mu and her people. Lemurians are everywhere for they were the original Sacred Land keepers of our Earth Mother.