Lemurians were fully connected to Earth Mother’s elemental forces. Both Lemurians and Earth Mother have been fully aligned, carrying with them their own cosmic signature, purpose and mission. These beings of pure love and light occupied Lemuria as the first galactic magical star beings.


And so you ask, what happened to Lemuria and these star beings?


Lemuria may have been such a far away concept or idea in terms of its historical realm, know that the ancient past is also living amongst us as carriers of truth. Lemuria and the Lemurians were never lost. They were the sacred, akashic like history holders of the past, present and future.

Lemuria was known to the Western world through some books, online research or fabled stories. But it is better known to those who have direct contacts with Lemurians, especially the direct descendants of Lemuria. 

Our beautiful blue Earth planet was a place where other beings of dark and light space travelers came to discover. In her great beauty, splendor and wealth, our Earth Mother had within her, all that was needed to grow fully into the magnificent super star planet that she is. Because of her great natural wealth and resources, predators (what others refer to as aliens) harvested and competed with natural wealth unknown to most earth humans.

Yes, it has been said that Lemuria was the first continent of the Pacific. It is also claimed to be the Lost Continent. In viewing the map of the Philippines, you will find its landmass scattered across more than 7,000 islands, all broken up into smaller pieces. If you look close enough, you will see that it is a puzzle, trying to fit itself in an illusive way, to something unknown and unseen by the naked human eye. Beneath it, there are hidden secret codes connected that were kept unsaid. The whole story of Lemuria is partially hidden and submerged underwater. Only the direct descendants of Lemuria knows of its unforgotten magic.

Mystic land keepers refer to Lemuria as Mu. Philippines and Mu are one and the same. The Philippines, in her past glory, comprised of Healers and Shamans,  Artist and Traders. The Philippines was also the ancient cultural melting pot within all of the asian countries. The children of Mu were known for their open hospitality, kindness and extreme generosity. Her trademark in strength made her a rich destination at one time. My Great Ascended Master, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, called the Philippines Maharlika, which means "great creation." Master Shrii Shrii Anandamurti visited the Philippines twice, but his second visit to Maharlika was put to a stop by President Marcos. I still believe that Marcos was intimidated by Master Shrii Shrii Anandamurti's presence.  His power would activate and awaken the people. 

Unfortunately, in time, being ravaged over and over again by external negative forces of darkness, Mu shut down.

The hospitality of Mu was her greatest strength, but her willingness to serve and help others were taken advantage of. Her strength became her greatest weakness. Yes, I speak of her as the land of Mu, and her as its people. This is how Mu, the motherland, was originally referred to. She was the feminine.  Mu and her people were exploited to the core, fed with endless war, famine, ignorance, and lies. She was completely drowned in the advertisement of dogmas, presented throughout time and history. The untrue history of Mu was created and fed to everyone, especially the private schools in association with the Catholic religion. Spearheaded by churches, this totalitarian dogma was force-fed to the children of Mu. We can still find it today, in politics, where our so-called "leaders" were just puppets of darkness who continued the motion of slavery, to the point where Mu was unrecognizable. Her original nature perceived by external forces was replaced with traumatic chaos.


Mu melted down into a very low frequency, and it soon became easy for external forces to control her. Her beauty was lost, and almost everything was replaced with crudeness, cruelty. Her people were kept in silence, resulting in an extreme lack of her true identity. 

The people of Mu lost their self confidence, lost their magic, and lost their once exalted place in the cosmic village of high social status. They were no longer seen as the light and wisdom of the peaceful nature in which they belonged. The Lemurians were lost. They somehow forgot that they belonged, that they are the great descendants of the magical star beings of Lemuria. 



No matter how lost we are, our brilliance still exists through our artistry and creativity, regardless of the suppression.

The Philippine vortex is like a central station of the planet. Its strategic location is like a magnet for other countries and galactic beings. The very rich natural resources found in the Philippines is still a major source of worldly attraction, making it a very vulnerable place of exploitation.

The negative energy that visited Lemuria over and over and over again, for eons of time, destroyed her. All of the negativity built itself so high. But, like a stack of paper cards, it will not hold its weight. It is bound to fall. 

The Philippines was once the heart of Lemuria, and it will be again, once our people begin to heal the land, and themselves. 


Lemurian Code Healing is connected to Lemuria and the divine cosmology. It is a heart-centered ancient code, and so much more.  It is no accident that you have come back to this ancient portal of Lemurian Shamanic Healing.