Welcome to Lemurian Code Healing™

by Maya The Shaman

“If you never seek to understand your ancient past, you will never be able to reach your divine destiny.”

 We are all heart centered beings, and for so long, we've searched for that connection. The connection to something greater, more powerful, even magical. The connection that pulls us forward and higher at the same time. The connection that is ours.

The Lemurian Code™ is the key to unlocking the ultimate knowing of our ancient past, the code that bridges us to the astral and spiritual realms, to our own divine inheritance. It is the path of the Indigenous land keepers, the Lemurians, the people of which this world belongs. For so long, we’ve been taught to ignore, bury and reject our roots that reach far beyond our Earth Mother. But I am here to tell you that it is time to wake up.

My name is Maya The Shaman, and I am here to guide you back into the realization of your authentic, beautifully pure, indigenous self.  In the realm of spirituality, Lemurian Code Healing™ is for everyone.  With the Lemurian Code™, you can reach that infinite point of harmony, the state in which you are more than you and you are one with this great universe.

It is time to finally remember. It is time to come back home.

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